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Merino Wool is the finest of wools making it extremely soft and beautiful to wear next to your skin. However, this product is hand made using wool in a very open fibre state. As with all woollen products, pilling will occur. This is not a defect but a natural result of friction. The good news is, if you’d like to remove the pilling it is easy to do! Hold the product firmly with one hand and with the other you can gently but assertively pinch each pill away and follow by stroking the stitch down to settle any fly aways.


Important! Please do not throw your wool products in the wash. Lanolin is the naturally occurring oil in the wool which makes the wool naturally stain and water resistant. So it shouldn’t require a regular amount of washing. However if you do need to clean your product, the best way to spot clean is by blotting with room temperature water on the spot and leave flat to dry in the shade. Or if you must wash the whole product, the same applies; room temperature water (as sudden changes in temperature causes wool to go tougher.) Put a little wool wash in a bucket and fill with room temperature water and swish around until mixed. Place your product in the water, pump the product gently in the water with your hands. Gently squeeze out the excess water in the sink and lay the product flat to dry in the shade. Allow a few days to dry, it’s chunky after all!

Returns / Exchange Policy

Please choose carefully before making a purchase with The Woollen Earth. I do take a lot of time and care making these products. I don’t accept returns unless the product is in some way faulty.

The Woollen Earth is not in control of what happens during transit and is not liable for damage that may occur while being shipped.

I may accept to exchange an item if it has not been used or damaged and if you contact me within 7 days of delivery confirmation. If we agree on the exchange you will be responsible for all postage costs associated with the exchange. Please keep your tracking number until I notify you that I have received the goods.


I will post your order within 1 to 2 weeks after receiving your payment. This can fluctuate a little through extremely busy periods because of the one-man-band nature of The Woollen Earth.

 I use Standard Australia Post within Australia (includes free tracking), and Australia Post Airmail for international orders (you can request tracking when you place your order). If you have a specific date you need to receive your order by, please contact me. 

STANDARD DELIVERY in Australia usually takes between 2-6 business days, depending on your location. If you have not received your order within 10 days please contact me.

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY can take between 7-14 business days and once there, going through customs takes varying amounts of time.

The Woollen Earth is not responsible for any customs fees, import duties or taxes incurred for international deliveries, and these are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

I accept no responsibility for items that go missing after I have dispatched them. Please consider if you require extra insurance and let me know before you make your payment so I can tell you how much extra it will cost.

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